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We help companies
achieve their software
development goals

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JJ Soft specializes in IT
Professional outsourcing,
software development and

We help companies to instantly establish and expand their own
IT teams.

We offer a large talent pool of highly skilled IT professionals
from Europe and help drive high results in customer journeys
and supply the best customer experience.

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IT Professional

The ideal solution enabling the employment of specialists for a selected project without the need for costly personnel changes in your own company.


Our experienced experts with many years of experience will ensure the success of your projects.


Our candidates undergo a number of tests (analytical, technical and psychological) thanks to which you will receive something more than just a profile of a future employee.

What makes us different


Full professionalism

We invest in developing professionalism within our teams. That means ethical behaviour, altruistic attitudes, responsible conduct, skills and knowledge competence are being aimed to be built in every employee.


Time Zone

Being in Europe, we share the same time-zone and our developers can also visit your office on request.


Reasonable Cost

We have developers from various countries across Europe at a good price. (feel free to request for our price chart)


Fast & flexible approach

We follow Agile Management: The Fast and Flexible Approach to Continuous Improvement.You have full control over the project all the time and you can change your ideas as you like.


Real Quality

Q stands for Quality for JJ Soft and our team focus to be productive and efficient at work. By this, we mean that clients and partners should be satisfied with our efforts based on the latest technological knowledge and our continuous follow ups on each activity. At JJ Soft, we set ourselves high quality standards, in order to increase client confidence and reduce total cost. This also helps us in rapid delivery of software solution.


Friendly & long-term cooperation

Our team is friendly and fully open to discuss with you any technical topic.Usually our cooperation with clients is long-term



We are experienced in remote development and have the necessary tools to manage work effectively. We cooperate with 6 partners. Together we have about 400 developers.

Our Team & Company


Since 2008, JJ Soft has been
establishing, developing and
maintaining IT Teams that
implement customer’s objectives efficiently and harmoniously with guaranteed success.

We believe that everyone can use the IT services of a good IT specialist at an affordable price,

Innovations and modern technologies mean that we are able to implement all your company's IT projects,We are flexible so we can help you realize your project in any model chosen by you.

We are glad that we can help you with your challenges!


Years in the market


IT Professionals


Projects Completed

Our new website


New trends in website design have caused us to change our home page for the fourth time in 10 years. We are adapted to high resolutions of 4k and 8k and for dies of any size. Our site generates static html code which is SEO friendly. Internal architecture provides us with a high degree of security.

Work with us

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  • Long-term cooperation
  • Remote work
  • Interesting projects for global brands or innovative projects
  • Personal development through internal courses (React, Angular, Node.JS)
  • The ability to change projects between clients

Let’s discuss

We would love to hear from you on any possible subject