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Our values

Customer success, Trust, Passion, Change, Performance, Flexibility

How we work:


Quality-driven processes

We work to deliver only high-quality IT Professionals, Software, and Recruitment services.


Exhaustive code reviews

We conduct code reviews as a regular development practice to improve the quality of your products and the skills of our team.


Agile approach

We use flexible Agile methodologies in order to reduce inefficiencies and build software faster.


Iterative Testing

We do iterative testing to generate working software early in the software life cycle. We fix any bugs before release.


Regular communications

Regular voice and video calls, emails, and chats help us keep in touch with you. Transparency is one of our core values. At your request, our team can visit at your office location.


Continuous integration

We use Jenkins and Gitlab CI to automatically assemble builds after new code has been merged into production. Continuous integration lets us find and fix problems early and easily.UI automated testing, integresion testing, unit testing and performance testing. We choose the most reliable and effective test automation tools and techniques.


Proven technologies

We follow industry best practices to secure applications and protect businesses and their customers from possible threats. We only use credible, tried-and-tested frameworks and libraries.


Performance reports

With frequent reporting, you become an active participant in the development process and a member of our team.


Post-release support

We provide post-release support services, allowing you to constantly improve your product’s quality to meet the needs of end users.


Resourse management

We’re accountable for the performance of our specialists and quickly handle any people-related issues that might come up.


Time-honoured design principles

We use the best software development principles: SOLID, KISS, and DRY. These principles ensure that your project is reliable and significantly reduce the cost of changes.


Personal assistance

Our account managers are your point of contact for any and all matters and work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with our services.